Want To Make Some Extra Income From Your Socials?

Want to make money from Twitter and Instagram? You’ve come to the right place!

I think it’s fair to say that it is a bloggers dream to do something that they love like blogging and other social media such as Twitter and Instagram and in return receive sponsorships and campaign deals with companies they adore … (unfortunately my dream hasn’t become reality yet but I’m working on it).

But …  our dreams have been made even easier with Buzzoole!

Buzzoole is a website (they also have an app) that enables influencers (people like me and you) to find campaigns that are right for them and advertisers (the brands / companies) to find the right influencer to work with them!

With Buzzoole you can sign up with many different accounts, for instance: your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc etc!

Once signing up you receive a couple of credits (more will be explained about these later on) and you also get credits in return for campaigns that are published.


There are a wide range of campaigns available on Buzzoole for you to get participating in; here are just a few of the topic areas:

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Family

The list goes on and on – there really is something for everybody to get involved with!


Payment on Buzzoole is in the form of credits – you can receive credits for participating in campaigns, taking part in surveys, referring people to their site and even something so simple as filling out all the information in your profile!

Credits can then be exchanged in return for Amazon gift cards – and who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon!!

Any credits you do accumulate will be converted automatically every 30 working days into the corresponding gift card value –  monthly you may find yourself with a nice well-earned gift card to shop with, yes please!

50 credits = £15 Amazon gift card

150 credits = £50 Amazon gift card

250 credits = £100 Amazon gift card


I have always been a bit sceptical about signing up to websites such as this as I have found that 9 times out of 10 they are so complicated to use or just don’t work but Buzzoole has definitely changed my opinion and I wouldn’t be without it!

You can sign up to Buzzoole below – it only takes a few minutes and the fun will all begin from there!


This post is in no way sponsored by Buzzoole – I found this due to another blog post about this and have found it exceptionally good and wanted to share it with you!

The links I am providing in this are links to Buzzoole using my referral code – my referral code does not affect anything to do with how Buzzoole works for you – all it does is that every time someone signs up to Buzzoole through clicking the links provided here, I earn 1 credit!

8 thoughts on “Want To Make Some Extra Income From Your Socials?

    1. I only discovered it a couple days ago and its a complete godsend!!
      Let me know if you get any nice goodies from it!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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