First Year University Room

So, where do I begin.

In the past week I have moved to Bournemouth University to study Psychology and what a whirlwind of an experience it has been so far!

Before I even knew I had got into university I knew I wanted to decorate my room all cosy and homely! I spent far too many hours looking through Pinterest and home bits on numerous websites deciding how I wanted to go about decorating my room – I ended up with a pale pink, grey, white and rose gold theme (how unoriginal I know). After deciding upon a theme the fun could begin of planning and buying bits to go in my room (yes interior design is my new calling in life).

To cut the story short and get onto the fun stuff I was fortunate enough to get a room in my first choice accommodation building and I couldn’t be happier to be here (and decorate obvs).

So here’s my little virtual tour of my ‘home away from home’ for the next 9 months!

As a basic overview of my room when you walk in the door there are some hooks to the left which has all my coats and jackets hanging up on and to the right is the door to my en suite (yes I have an en suite at uni, super lucky I know).

Just after the door to the en suite is my (extremely compact) wardrobe and a full length mirror opposite.

NOW we will get onto the fun stuff I promise.

I have tried to list as much of the stuff in my room as I can down below so that if you want to look at getting it yourself the easy option is there!


I’m very grateful that it is a double bed and I emphasised my theme here with the white bedding and pink and grey accents.

I then decorated further with the two blankets and of course, lots of pillows.

  • White duvet set
  • Pale pink pillows
  • Grey & Pink blankets – Primark
  • Grey cushion
  • White heart cushion – Primark
  • Westie hot water bottle – Boux Avenue last year



I wanted to keep my bed area calm and aesthetic because lets face it once I’ve started my studies properly my desk isn’t going to represent that at all and the headboard is my favourite part of the room.

Is a bedroom even properly decorated without any fairy lights? No I don’t think so. Of course to match the rose gold aspect of my theme, the fairy lights are rose gold and were only £1 from Poundland (wow what a surprise) in their Christmas decoration range last year.



I just decorated my headboard shelf with all sorts of homely things so I did that with some books and photos.



The desk is pretty big as it runs the length of the room – one end has 3 drawers which have just got underwear and stationary / uni related things in them.

On the left hand side of my desk I just have a weekly planner where I plan my food for the week and write down other info that might be helpful for that week!

I then have my desk lamp (yes I know its silver and not rose gold and doesn’t match my theme but buying a new lamp when I already had a perfectly good one I could take with me wasn’t logical).

Beside my desk lamp I just have a glass coaster.

In the middle I have my laptop and the desk chair which I covered in a pastel blue, pink and white blanket because the actual hair is pretty ugly.

To the right of my desk I then have my make up set up which I’ll go into in more detail below.



Trying to decide what make up to bring with me was torture because I love trying out new bits and mixing up what I use!

To store my make up brushes I just use a grey a white plant pot from my local garden shop.

I then have a light up mirror that comes with a smaller mirror which has a 10x zoom so is perfect for doing your brows!

In the corner of my desk I have my acrylic make up storage that has the main bulk of my make up in it!

On the bottom is the largest of my acrylic drawers which has two large drawers with two smaller ones and was only around £4.99 in B&M.

On the top of this larger unit I have another (slightly smaller) acrylic drawer set and an acrylic lipstick / utensil holder on top of that – both of which are from Primark!

Because I brought too much make up with me to fit in the acrylic drawers I’ve placed my foundations on the one side and my setting spray on the other!

I then have a white letter hold which I use to hold the couple palettes that I brought with me.



Above my make up storage is a set of 3 shelves which I have decorated all pretty for now but that will all soon be ruined from unaesthetic text books and work.

Hanging on the side of the shelves I just have some fabric hearts that I got from the home range in Poundland to just add a little something to the otherwise pretty boring shelves!

On the top shelf I just have some paper and other boring stuff, along with a bottle of wine. I also have a couple of sports drinks and Coca Cola cans – both of which were being given out at freshers fair!

In the middle shelf I just have some notebooks, the Psychology guide for this year from uni and then a little calms colouring book to pass any spare time!

Beside all of this I have a little westie which my godmother made for me (super talented I know) and then a photo of me and my fav fluff ball ever.

On the bottom shelf I just have the uni magazine ‘Nerve’ and a budget planner!

I then have two of my favourite perfumes (trying to decide what perfumes to bring was also very tricky).

I then have a little ornament that my mum & step dad got me as a little moving gift which just says ‘Good things are going to happen’ – and yes its pink so matches!

In the far corner I then have a couple of body sprays from soap and glory (I normally use these as room sprays), another room spray from Avon and a body Spray from Victorias Secret.

Beside that tucked away I have the nail varnishes that I brought with me, all of which are from Essie and I couldn’t recommend them more!



I really like that the window sill is so large in my room and I’ve also gone to decorate that!

To the left I just have a notepad that I spray painted rose gold (obvs to match).

  • rose gold spray paint

In the middle of the window sill I just have a faux plant – just a little something to brighten up the place and make it feel a little more homely!

On the right hand side of my window sill I just have a little pen holder type pot which has lots of sticky notes on the outside and the inside and I have just out some pens, pencils and highlighters in the top!



As with the majority of uni rooms the storage isn’t the best so I bought an ottoman with me which stores all sorts of bits from hairdryer, fair tan, cleaning supplies and any other random bits in it that I had no room for anywhere else.

On top of the ottoman I have a cushion that my boyfriend gave me as an early anniversary present – incredibly cute I know and aesthetic I know!

Beside the ottoman I just have my laundry basket which is grey of course, to match the theme.

Above this is my pin board which I have just decorated with lots of photos & a little butterfly decoration that again my mum and step dad got for me which says ‘Go out and spread your wings’!

  • Photos – FreePrints – If you download the app you get 40 free photos a month!


So this is my little uni room for my first year and I am super happy with it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and having a little nosey into my uni room and maybe gave you some inspiration on how to decorate anything you desire!

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    1. I’ve recently found a new love for interior design! It’s still all so new to me at the moment – thank you!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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