Jo Malone – Is It Worth It?

Jo Malone, a brand associated with ultimate luxury, however, are those prices worth it? Lets find out.

I cannot speak for everyone but when I think of / hear the words ‘Jo Malone’ I immediately think of utmost of luxury and everything I could ever aspire to be. 

Purchasing perfumes is a tricky one, some are more expensive and some are pretty affordable and I have nice smelling perfumes from both ends of the spectrum so there is no reasoning that because a perfume is more expensive it is going to smell nice – that is all down to personal preference. Thus, can the hefty price of Jo Malone perfumes be justified? Well here is my opinion for you.

I had wanted one of these perfumes for such a long time and despite the hefty price tag of £88 for 100ml I still wanted to try one. I’d seen amazing reviews, smelt the perfumes and loved so many scents I would never be able to pick a favourite. As I got older I moved away from the teenage era of buying cheaper beauty products / perfumes / clothes because I could get more for my money and moved towards things that were of a higher quality, would last longer and worked better for me, even if that meant the bank account took the hits for this every time I treated myself (slightly sorry).

… Then it came to my 18th birthday and my boyfriend presented me with a Jo Malone gift bag. Obviously, my heart was doing doubles as I opened the bag to find the perfect little cream box encased with a black ribbon. Excitedly but oh so carefully I opened the box and inside was my own little Jo Malone in the scent ‘Peony and Blush Suede. Happy was an understatement.

Now, down to the scent.

I was gifted the ‘Peony and Blush Suede‘ scent which is a part of the ‘Floral range’. The Floral Range, being described as ‘Heady, Exotic and Intoxicating’ with the tag line ‘Rich, Full bodied floral are provocative and persuasive’. I’ll be honest with you, the first time I wore this perfume I felt like a successful business woman about to take on the world with her pinky finger and her whole life planned out. It is safe to say that I love this perfume, the light floral scent with the flirty hint of red apple coming through – I couldn’t recommend it more. It is subtle enough for a day time wear (hah, as if I can afford to do that in my current student situation) but also exotic enough to wear in the evening.  I never believed it when people said that wearing a decent perfume can lift your mood and make you feel like a billion dollars, but how they were right.

Jo Malone is a high-end  brand so you have to expect the accompanying high-end price tags and of course they won’t be for everyone –  some people have different priorities and splashing out nearly £100 on a bottle of liquid isn’t one of them (oh how I envy you and your sensible life decisions, please teach me your ways). If you are looking to treat yourself to something that is going to last a decent time and is going to make you feel like Beyoncè, then a Jo Malone perfume is for you!

There are so many scents available I would recommend going into store to try them out so you get a feel for what you like the most as the description online may be completely different to what you are expecting, and its so much fun. The scents are each unique and the scent range is phenomenal and the presentation of the brand in itself is something which I think reflects the price – a brand of luxury and ‘goddess’ like – there really is something for everyone! What are your favourite Jo Malone scents?

I’m looking to treat myself on my birthday this year and a new Jo Malone perfumes is the top of my list, I prefer a fruity and floral scent so any recommendations would be welcomed with open arms.

10 thoughts on “Jo Malone – Is It Worth It?

    1. I guess there are cheaper alternatives to most things out there but I personally haven’t found a perfume to be a nice alternative for the particular scent!
      Best wishes, Gee x

    1. They are a definite save up and major treat! The smaller bottles are a lesser price but aren’t as good value for money!
      Best wishes, Gee x

  1. That was a such a nice present from your boyfriend! I haven’t tried any Jo Malone products myself. They do seem quite expensive but it certainly would be nice to try one sometime! It was great to read your post about it!

    1. Ah I definitely agree – the student loan is needed for extortionately priced textbooks and not perfume *cries*
      Best wishes, Gee x

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