YSL Touche Eclait Le Teint Foundation

Here’s a little helpful post to finding the right foundation for anyone who has combination skin like myself and is in need of that perfect foundation – I think I found mine!

Finding the right foundation for your face can be a tough deal considering there are so many different options available, all with different coverages, finishes etc etc etc – it’s just too much.

I have combination skin so it can be difficult to find the foundation that has the right balance between matte and dewy finish to keep the oil at bay but to also not dry my skin out. After so long of searching I thought I’d found the perfect; the L’oreal Pairs Infallible 24hr Mattifying Foundation – it was perfect for my skin and at only £8.99 I couldn’t say no!

So, I’d been using this L’oreal foundation for a few months and it had been amazing, oil control at the end of the day and not drying and a really decent coverage. The foundation then started to create lines under my eyes, when I had no make up on there was no lines under my eyes but when I put this L’oreal foundation on they seemed to appear from no where and the foundation would just stick to it! I was then so unhappy with how I looked and got a bit self-conscious of it so I knew I needed to change foundations!

With so many different types of Foundation out there I was at a complete loss as to what would be the most suitable for me … so I decided to do a foundation quiz. There are hundred of them and all you do is answer a few simple questions of what your skin type is etc and bam, there you go, it gives you a recommendation of what foundation would be best suited to you. Obviously I was sceptical at first as to how accurate these quizzes would be so I did a few and they all came out with the same few foundations so I thought it must be right!

The two foundations that looked like they would be the best for me out of the ones the quiz had selected were the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk – I’ve had this foundation before and loved it to bits but as a student, I cannot justify the £40 price tag that accompanies it and was left with one option left, the YSL Touche Eclait Le Teint. So I though do you know what, **** it, so I bought it, and I haven’t regretted it one bit.


Now, let’s get into the foundation.

The Touche Eclait is YSL’ bestselling foundation and I can see why, the coverage is amazing, the smell is divine and the staying power is HOURS.

Lets get into the colour range;

I went into House of Fraser and swatched a couple on my hand (I’m not keen on people playing around with my face) and decided that the shade BD10 (I think its warm porcelain but correct me if I’m wrong) would be the right one for me, and hey it was!

There are 30 (I think) shades to choose from so it would be easier to find the shade that best matches you compared to other foundations (like the L’oreal Infallible that never really had a true match for me).


The foundation itself;

The foundation is a full coverage with flawless radiance – and it really is! The full coverage of the foundation isn’t heavy on your face at all and it really does leave it with a natural, healthy glow that I have been longing after with a foundation for so long!

The new formula for the foundation also has a new range of pigments for an ever fuller but still natural looking coverage.

The foundation is also designed to feel weightless on the skin, which it does oh so well and it is the easiest foundation to blend that I have ever tried! I apply mine with a damp beauty blender and the application is flawless!


Now on to the foundation and my skin;

As previously mentioned, combination skin isn’t fun – the mix of dry areas and oily T zone create quite the handful but YSL Touche Eclait seems to handle that like a walk in the park! After a full (and super stressful) day of uni my foundation is still in place, not cakey, no dry areas popping through to say hey and no naughty oil on its way out! In all, if you have combination skin I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this foundation to you – its pricey, yes I know but I do feel like the price is definitely worth it!

One of my fav things about this foundation is that I don’t wear any setting powder / powder in general with it as it really isn’t needed! I did read somewhere (who knows where) that wearing a powder on top of this foundation can clog your pores up (no thank you). I was sceptical again, at first as I have always worn a power but now I don’t – yay for this!


If you have any questions about the foundation please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments – I’m no expert so might be no help at all but I will try my best!

12 thoughts on “YSL Touche Eclait Le Teint Foundation

    1. I thought it was a ridiculous price but after actually trying it I can completely see why – no other one comes close!
      Best wishes, Gee x

    1. I’ll be perfectly honest with you – I have absolutely no idea but it doesn’t clog my pores up at all!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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