Finding A Balance

So, where to begin. It’s been just over a month since I last uploaded a blog post, the excuses go on and on so I thought why not make a blog post about it (ironic? Just slightly).

If you didn’t already know I recently started university in Bournemouth and what a whirlwind of an experience it has been so far.

Everyone says that moving to uni is tough, takes a while to get used to etc etc and you (well I did) just nod along and agree because you’re tired of hearing that from multiple strangers who haven’t seen you since you were this high *holds palm close to the ground*. Well, I guess you could say they were absolutely spot on. Moving to uni and being forced to live with a load of strangers who you aren’t necessarily going to get along with, IS TOUGH.


Moving to uni is such a strange concept because sometimes it feels like a strange holiday and sometimes it feels like ‘home’ and sometimes it feels like the last place on earth you want to be (currently me as I write this dreaming of my own bed and cuddles with my pup while I feel sorry for myself with my self – diagnosed tonsillitis).

In general, I love uni. I love the course I’m studying, I’ve met some amazing people whom I am lucky enough to call friends, and overall I love learning more about something I am so interested in. Where I live at home is so rural and the opportunities and places to go and discover are so limited so living somewhere like Bournemouth where I am a 10 minute walk away from the town centre where so much is always going on is so exciting and one of my favourite things about it. Little afternoon adventures are becoming one of my favourite past times now.

With positives there come negatives. Living with a bunch of people you don’t really know is weird, really weird. There are days when you get along well and it feels like you’ve all known each other for years and then there are days when that dirty plate that has been on the side for one too many days really gets to you and you just cannot wait to get your degree and go home (if only it was that easy *wishes*). Getting used to it is still something that is to come. Any tips and tricks or previous experiences from university would be very warmly welcomed.


It is pretty self-explanatory that with university comes a HEAVY work load. I’ll be honest, I don’t mind all the work load (that much) because it is what I’m paying for and I know it will be worth it in the end. It still baffles me how people can come to university and complain about the work load. Like really?? I don’t get it?? Someone explain??

Anyways, finding the right balance between uni work, social life, blogging and having some me time is tricky. Obviously, uni work is my priority (lets face it I’m not spending £9000+ a year to do anything else). At the moment I have an absolute mountain of deadlines, revision and work to do and it is getting a little much to handle, hence the lack of posts. To keep on top of this and still be able to have me time, time to blog and a decent social life I am tying my absolute best to stay on top of things, make the most of my time and try not to procrastinate (although that is proving to be very difficult).


Finding a balance that works for me and is the most beneficial is something that I am working quite hard on because I have missed not having as much time as would prefer to blog and just have some me time to relax. With a new-found me (mainly from reading #girlboss and becoming increasingly motivated) I am determined to complete all my uni work as soon as I can and not put things off. Hopefully from doing this I will have more time to blog and am aiming to upload a post once a week (probs a Sunday so keep your eyes peeled). I also NEED to have more time to relax and a little pamper so with the new-found motivation and productivity I am hoping to have Sunday evenings to relax (if that’s even possible while at uni) and have a little pamper.

Hopefully, if the whole ‘new productive me’ thing goes to plan I’ll be managing life, like a professional.

(seriously tho any help and advice is greatly appreciated, and needed I’ll be honest).



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