The At Home Salon Manicure

It is no lie that I enjoy having a well-presented set of nails, I’m not sure what it is but I just feel 100x better and like I can take on the world … I go into total #Girlboss mode!

I have never been one to go and have my nails done by a professional in a salon as I personally cannot justify it but I have always loved the look of them and wanted to achieve the same ‘salon perfect’ look from the comfort of my bedroom and for a fraction of the cost.

I’d purchased far too many nail polishes than I wish to remember (for my own wellbeing) and tried countless brands, only to find that their ‘6 days of perfect nails’ actually lasts two days … at a push. I’d tried all sorts of brands from drugstore brands like Maybelline to slightly higher end brands like OPI (those OPI nail polishes are SERIOUSLY disappointing).


I received a makeup up advent calendar for Christmas in 2016 which was full of all sorts of goodies, one of them being an Essie nail polish. I was pretty excited to try this nail polish brand that I had never tried before. It’s the little things. It’s safe to say I was pretty impressed with the results.

Okay. So, where to begin. Essie nail polishes are my absolute favourite and the best I have ever tried.

To give you a break down of the Essie brand:

Essie was created by Essie Weingarten who wanted to create a range of nail polished that every woman could love and feel like a goddess in and oh boy did she do a god job of creating that!

There are numerous different ranges, all with the cutest names which I feel adds something extra to the brand that is something more than naming shades ‘boringly’ like, their actual colour. The Gel range is my favourite as it really does give you a salon gel finish that will actually last for a week – sometimes longer. HOORAY

My personal favourite shades are; Sorrento Yourself which is a pink toned nude:

Sand Tropez which is a grey toned nude:


And Lady Like which is a violet toned nude.



To achieve  classic and classy french manicure, the shades Mademoiselle, Blanc and a clear gel setter top coat to finish it all off work perfectly – the super cute results provide all the evidence.





In all, I could not recommend the Essie nail polished any more, they results and how long they last are the best that I have tried and the endless array of shades means there really is a colour for every occasion and for everyone. And yes, it is my goal to own every single colour … pretty unnecessary and unrealistic? Yep, I think so.

If anyone has and Essie polishes that they absolutely love please do let me know – I’ll happily have an excuse to try out some more shades!


10 thoughts on “The At Home Salon Manicure

    1. Sorrento Yourself is my all time fav colour – its so perfect for all seasons!
      Ah thank you so much, that really does mean a lot!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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