What To Do With Too Many Clothes?

If you are anything like me and have far too many clothes than it’s necessary for one human then a regular wardrobe clear out is mandatory to precent it from splitting open! (clothes hoarder? Maybe).

I tend to (well try to) clear out my wardrobe every 6 months – by doing this I find that I only have items in there that I love and love wearing! This makes it so much easier to find an outfit and so much more fun when you’re looking at a wardrobe full of pieces you love!


* Don’t want to repurchase, don’t keep

When clearing out my wardrobe I have a general rule that if I wouldn’t repurchase it if shopping then I get rid of it. I find this works really well as if i wouldn’t buy it again then I know for myself that I am unlikely to wear it!

* Not worn in previous 6 months – re home it

I also find that if I haven’t worn an item of clothing in the past 6 months (disregarding occasional wear like ball dresses & seasonal clothes likes beach cover ups because I might just not have had the opportunity to wear them) then I also get rid of them as its pretty unlikely that if I haven’t worn it in the past 6 months I’m not going to.

* Hanger still the wrong way round? Its time to say bye bye

Another little tactic I like for clearing out my wardrobe is that when clearing out my wardrobe, when putting all the clothes back in I hand them with the hanger backwards and when I wear it I turn the hanger the right way round – when coming to clear out my wardrobe the following 6 months (apart from occasion & seasonal wear again) I tend to re home those bits!

Clearing out your wardrobe is a mammoth task (and regular naps are advised because boy is it tiring) but finding something to do with the now unwanted clothes can be one hell of a mission!

This is my wardrobe from my recent clear out – you can’t see it too well from the photos but I now have so much more room in my wardrobe and I only have clothes in there that I do love and want to wear!

(And yes I am working with a very small space so it isn’t the most aesthetic and definitely not how I would prefer my wardrobe to look).



  • Friends & family:

Before doing anything with the clothes I see if any friends or family nearby would make good use out of them!

  • Bin:

I tend to bin any clothes that are unsuitable to be worn by anyone again – this included clothes that are ripped and cannot be fixed, have stains on that wont come out or ones that have just had a little but too much wear and tear

  • Donate:

Any clothes that are in a good condition and can be re worn I donate to charity shops or to clothes banks!

  • Sell:

Any clothes that are in a really good condition, have never been worn or have got the labels on still I sell. I mainly use Depop to sell my clothes and occasionally Ebay for the odd things!


Depop is an app in which you can buy and sell clothes, shoes, dvds, books etc etc…

Depop is super easy to use:

  • There is no min or max uploads
  • It is secure to use as any sending or receiving is via paypal
  • Reviews – when buying or selling something the other person in the sale / purchase leaves you a review – these are especially good and worth noting when buying or selling something from someone.
  • For each item you sell Depop take a commission of 10% so if you sell something for £5, you will actually get £4.50 – Paypal also take a small commission but it really isn’t very much

My Depop:

Ive been using Depop for a couple years now and have 104 reviews – roughly 70% from selling and 30% buying – I personally have never had a huge problem.

One tip I do use it to ensure that you have received payment before posting and always ask for and keep a proof of postage receipt until the buyer confirms they have received the item!

Due to moving to uni mid – september all things on my account really do need to go to new homes!

I have a mixture of clothes, shoes, accessories, ball gowns and some a level textbooks for sale!

Here is a sneak peak of just some of the bits I have for sale on there:


As a little thank you for reading this post I would like to offer a discount of 30% if you see something you like! To receive this discount all you have to do it quote ‘gee’s blog discount’ before buying an item via Depop messages and I will alter the price accordingly.

You can shop here:


This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. I wanted to create this post to help all you other girls / guys out there that have a shopping problem like myself!

12 thoughts on “What To Do With Too Many Clothes?

  1. I always find myself with too many clothes and not enough space, I either donate them or give them to friends. But I will definitely try those other tips as well. And I love the hanger tip that you use to tell whether or not you have worn the outfit in the past 6 months, I will be using that in the future. Great post!

  2. I love these tips! I have a serious problem with clothes hoarding and I now have so many that half of them have to end up on my bedroom floor haha – I will definitely have a sort through soon and ask myself some of these questions. Hopefully I’ll manage to get rid of some!

  3. Ironically, I am just about to sort through the mountain of clothes in my wardrobe as its bursting! Have been putting off this job for a while, but these tips are really helpful so I will definitely keep them in mind!

    Ceelavie (

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