Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review

Want new eyeshadow palettes but not a high end price tag?


I am a complete sucker for eyeshadow palettes – what make up lover isn’t??

I typically buy higher end palettes as I’ve not found a drugstore eyeshadow palette that I have got along with.

I was in desperate need (not so much need but more of a want but hey ho) of a new eyeshadow palette but with trying to save money for university, splashing out £30-£50 on a new palette wasn’t an option. I spent endless hours searching the internet for a drugstore eyeshadow palette that still had a good pigmentation…and I stumbled upon Makeup Revolution.

Makeup Revolution is a drugstore brand that sells all its products at a very affordable price. They sell all the standard makeup items from foundation to eyebrow products to lipsticks – all of which are really well priced with a high variety.

I read many reviews all about Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes and whether people have thought they are decent – I don’t spend hours reading reviews for products – the odd couple yes but never this many! I personally have not found a drugstore eyeshadow palette that I have gotten along with and much prefer higher end ones so I wanted to be sure that it was worth it even if it was under £10!

After reading many a good review about their eyeshadow palettes I decided that I would get one to try them out!

On a day out to Tavistock with my boyfriend I dragged him into Superdrug where I was greeted to around 15 different Makeup Revolution palettes (yes I was spoilt for choice and yes I spent a while deciding which one to get).  After forcing him to hold different palettes to compare the colours I decided on the Beyond Flawless palette.


The Beyond Flawless palette is one of their Ultra eyeshadow palettes with 32 professional eyeshadows, priced at £8 (amazing I know).

The palette is filled with 32 pink – brown nude colours – more than not are shimmer shades with some matte ones – all of which are extremely pretty!

The pigmentation of any palette is the main criteria for me and when I tried out this palette for the first time I was very pleasantly surprised – the pigmentation is amazing!

All of the colours have an exceptional pigmentation to them and really don’t need building up at all to meet the colour that they are in the palette (yes please i’ll take every palette in every colour please and thank you).

The colours as previously mentioned are all well pigmented – every colour can be used lightly for a more natural look or can be built up to create a more dramatic and smokey look – I was very impressed with this as a transition palette that I can use for natural and more dressy / evening looks is always a winner with me!

Although not the most important factor of an eyeshadow palette I really love the packaging! The gold casing is so pretty and the sleek black case with rose gold writing, I think looks really classy and timeless!

My favourite shades are Spice which is a shimmery pink / light mauve colour and Cookie Dough which is a shimmery beige colour!

If an of you like the Naked 3 palette this a great dupe for it!


This is working from top —> bottom and left —> right as I find the colours flow nicely into the next:


First column:

  • Flawless – Cream matte with slight shimmer – perfect for highlighting your brow bone or inner eye
  • Dove – very similar to Flawless but slightly less yellow toned
  • Sandstone – Mauve /  Lilac shimmer
  • Tawny – (surprise surprise) Tawny brown matte shade

Second column:

  • Light Caramel – Gold / Brown shimmer shade
  • Chestnut – Similar to Light Caramel but less gold toned
  • Bronze – Brown shimmer with a slight red tone to it
  • Ground Brown – Dark brown shimmer

Third column:

  • Papaya – Light pink shimmer
  • Zorba – Very light rose gold shimmer
  • Autumn – Medium rose gold shimmer – has a slight brown tone to it
  • Toasty – Warm rose gold shimmer

Fourth column:

  • Bare Pink – Pure Pink and very shimmery
  • Pug – Pink with purple toned shimmer
  • Spice – Pink / Mauve shimmer
  • Immaculate – Mauve shimmer

Fifth column:

  • Sand Dune – Pink with slight brow tone matte
  • Brunette – Deep mauve matte
  • Wholemeal – Brown shimmer
  • Teddy – slightly darker than Wholemeal with a pretty shimmer

Sixth column:

  • Mineral – Silver shimmer
  • Cookie Dough – Beige shimmer
  • Sepia – Brown with a purple tone shimmer
  • Cocoa – Darker brown / purple shimmer

Seventh column:

  • Expresso – Bronze shimmer
  • Chocolate – Dark brown with slight shimmer
  • Muddy – Very similar to Chocolate but with a slight purple tone
  • Bistre – Deep purple shimmer

Eighth Column:

  • Mineral – Dark silver shimmer
  • Stone Grey – Light Blue shimmer
  • Nightfall – Navy Matte with slight shimmer
  • Blackfest – Deep navy matte

I absolutely love this palette and couldn’t recommend it more – I hope their other palettes are as good!

If anyone has tried any other Makeup Revolution palettes and loved them too please do leave them down below so I can try them out!


You can check out all of Makeup Revolutions products at Superdrug!


(This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own – no affiliate links are used).


Thank you for reading!

Best wishes, Gee x

6 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review

    1. I’ve never tried anything of theirs before but definitely will be trying lots more now after the success of this palette!
      Best wishes, Gee x

  1. ‘not so much need but more of a want but hey ho’ -THIS IS SO ME HAHA
    A lot of makeup revolution products are really good! I do know however that not all their eyeshadow palettes are as pigmented (boo :() so definitely only buy in store after swatches
    If you like brow products, try their pomade! It’s really good! (I wrote a review on it! ;))

    Lots of love,
    Madiha |

    1. Ah nooo what?!? 🙁 I’ll be double sure to swatch any others that I buy!
      Oo I love the ABH dipbrow pomade and have been looking for a dupe, maybe I’ve just found it??
      Best wishes, Gee x

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