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The beginning of any month when you have a make up subscription is exciting in so many ways, new surprise make up? Yes please!

If you haven’t already and don’t know what I’m talking about you may want to check out my previous post about Birchbox Uk before you dive into this one – the previous post gives you all the details about what a subscription to Birchbox offers and you can have a nosey at previous boxes contents!

I couldn’t have been happier with the bits I previously received and I really felt like it was good value for money and I was waiting in anticipation for Septembers box as I hoped it would be just as good…


Septembers box came as a collaboration with Oliver Bonas with the mantra ‘Work hard, play hard & be kind’. I thought this was a nice feature to add to the box but at the end of the day I’m paying for the products not the boxes message / theme. For any of you that may not know Oliver Bonas is an independent British lifestyle brand that is focused around great design and a fresh way of thinking.

Now, getting into the er fun stuff?


In my September box there was;


When I saw this product I had mixed feelings about it – at first I was excited because I’ve wanted an under eye product for a long time but haven’t found one that works well for me, however, in my previous Birchbox I received a sample size of the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. So receiving a product that has the same purpose was slightly disappointed – I’m paying to discover new products not different variations of the same product.

Another disappointing thing about this product is that mine doesn’t actually work…I couldn’t get any product out. I twisted the cap off to see if there was a cover to remove (you know the little ones that are typically over shampoos etc) and thats why the product wasn’t coming out but there wasn’t one. Upon twisting off the cap / lid (whatever its called) I found that my SAMPLE wasn’t even half full. And it still doesn’t work so I cant even try it.


Overall this product was a big fail and not a good start to the box.

This product is essentially a multi purpose moisturiser that can be used as lip balm, moisturiser, to treat split ends or to soothe sunburn. I’m undecided about this product as at under £7 RRP I’m dubious that it will do all that it claims to do but I’m willing to give it a go! I’m particularly going to try this out on split ends as I’m always looking for something to cure them and if it does work (even on just one of what it claims) rest assured I will be purchasing some of this!


Eyeshadows are my favourite part of make up and I am a complete sucker for palettes, singles, pigments; anything of the sort and I’m in love! Wearing warm toned colours are my favourite to wear as I feel like they look the best on me – and this 3 in 1 is a warm toned, slightly deep beige colour (super pretty yes). Again I’m not convinced that this product is going to act as all it claims. As a  highlighter it looks to dark & to brown to work as a blusher on me so I think I’ll stick to the eyeshadow part but hey if its a pretty eyeshadow I won’t complaining!


This lip balm claims to be a ‘high tech’ lip balm … (you’re as confused as me).

I love lip balms so was eager to try this out but I didn’t really like it and definitely wouldn’t pay £11 for one, I’ll stick to my £2.50 Carmex pots thank you (if you haven’t tried them out you really need to they are life changing).

Also, the fact that this is the second lip balm based product in the same box you could say I was pretty disappointed with that too – not really the variety I was hoping for with a beauty subscription.


This product claims to detangle, minimise frizz and add shine –  what is it this month with all the multi use products? I’m not one to oppose hair products as I mentioned earlier I’m always looking for new things to try to keep my hair in a good condition but I received a similar product in last months box; Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. Again, a similar product to one I received last time … not the most impressed I have ever been.


  • Oliver Bonas 15% off code

Although not a make up item I thought this was a nice touch as the box was in collaboration with Oliver Bonas and it gives you the opportunity to try out their products at a discounted price. You can browse Oliver Bonas’ website here.


  • Oliver Bonas 4 sticker set

Again not a makeup item but a nice feature to do with the collaboration -they would look pretty cute on my laptop I must admit *watch this space*

     * RRP’s correspond to full sized items *

Overall I would say Septembers Birchbox was pretty unsuccessful and I was left highly disappointed with it.

I had such high hopes but after this months box I have decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription (no more Birchbox posts i’m sorry). I did this on the basis that I wasn’t receiving as many make up products as I would have preferred and found it more to be based around skincare – not particularly what I was looking for. I was also pretty disappointed by the lack of variety with the products I was receiving – within three boxes I received 2 hair care products that do the same thing, within Septembers box I received 2 products lip balm based products and also within Septembers box I received a product that didn’t actually work.

I have seen so many other good reviews about BirchBox and with how much I loved the previous ones I couldn’t be more disappointed that I’ve had to cancel my subscription but I don’t see any logic in paying to receive products that i’m not happy with (I’d rather go and but another Makeup Revolution palette with the money).

Please leave your beauty subscription experiences below and maybe alternatives that I could look into as I love the idea of a beauty subscription just need to find the one for me!


12 thoughts on “BirchBox UK – September

  1. I love this post! Thank you for being honest about it all! I’m iffy about getting subscription boxes because of this exact reason, plus generally I don’t have the money 😫

  2. Your honesty is so refreshing, and you made me laugh out loud, exactly what I needed this morning! I haven’t got a subscription to any box because I find them all kind of samey, and this one definitely doesn’t seem to be a stand out. I hope you find another box that suits you better! x

    Rachel |

    1. It is such a shame because I couldn’t have LOVED my previous months boxes more!
      Think I’m going to steer clear of subscription boxes for a while!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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