Make Up – Splurge or Save?

If you are a make up junkie like me then you know the struggles of wanting new make up but not being willing to pay the earth shattering price tag that can come with it (but still wanting something of a good quality).

With so many different make up brands out there and all at different prices it can be difficult to know whether the expensive price tag is worth it or whether a cheaper but equally as good alternative can be found in a drugstore. I know I have struggled with this and have splashed out on expensive make up bits that I have (personally) found to not be worth it and I have also bought cheaper alternatives that have been both amazing and awful!

Thus this little piece should give you a guideline of whether or not the £38 eyeshadow palette or whether an £8 one does the same job!

SAVE: Primer

I have oily – combination skin and finding a primer that actually works for me has been such a struggle! I have tried numerous primers claiming to ‘battle’ the oily sheen that can appear – Benefit Porefessional, Becca First Light Priming Filter and many more that have never worked for me! That was until I came across this LA Girl Primer on Beauty Bay and at only £6 I thought I didn’t have much to lose. So to cut the story short the primer is amazing – the best one (for me) I have ever tried and at only £6??? Can’t go wrong. If you have oily – combination skin I would recommend this primer every time!

Just because I havent gotten along with higher end primers doesn’t mean that you won’t but I do think that finding the right primer is all down to your particular skin type, just because somethings works for someone it doesn’t always mean it will work for you!


SPLURGE: Foundation

Foundation is the base of your make up and can make or break the overall look if it isn’t the correct shade for your skin! It is typical but not always the case that the staying power and the shade range of higher end foundations is more to your advantage (but more affordable brands are upping their game so watch this space). I recommend doing your research before buying a foundation and hitting up a department store to get colour matched by a professional helps wonders and truly changes your make up game if your foundation properly matches!

A couple of my fav foundations are:

Yes £40 for a foundation is A LOT but my god is it worth it. This is a medium coverage foundation that gives you a glowing yet covered look (covering your imperfections yes please) and it is light weight so doesn’t feel to heavy on the skin! I recently ran out of this foundation and haven’t bitten the bullet *just yet* to splash out and repurchase but it is definitely a foundation I need in my life again!

This is another one of my go to foundations and it is slightly cheaper than the G.A one at £33.50. This is a full coverage foundation, as like before leaves a glowing yet covered look that is also light weight on the skin and has amazing staying power (slightly better than G.A in my opinion). I would definitely say if you are torn between the two foundations to go for the YSL one, just for the fact it is that little bit cheaper but still an amazing quality!

SAVE: Powder

At the end of the day a powder is a powder and all of them do relatively the same job – the basic translucent powder from the drugstore will do just the same job as your Laura Mercier bank breaker translucent powder. Why spend all that money unnecessarily when you could spend it on more make up??

A couple of my fav powders are;

Coming in at £11.50 this translucent powder does all you want it to do – your make up stays in place and doesn’t look cakey! The only downside of this powder is that it takes a while to hit pan but then when you do any remaining powder seems to disappear in an instant … I cannot be the only one experiencing this??

Another great powder coming in at an even lower £9, you can’t go wrong for a decent powder at £9 can you?!


SPLURGE: Bronzer

I have found that the majority of lower price point bronzers have an orange tone to them and a ‘shimmer’ and even the ones claiming to be matte have a slight sparkle which I just don’t like in a bronzer! For this reason I tend to swerve towards a higher end bronzer as I find the colour range much more natural and much less orange and shimmery! Another huge factor concerning bronzers for me is that I’ve never found one that I’ve loved as much as Benefits Hoola Bronzer (apart from the lighter version of course which is perfect for us paler guys and girls).

My all time favourite bronzers;

Every make up lover is bound to have the Benefit Hoola Bronzer lurking around somewhere in their makeup collection and can you blame them? The colour is natural and buildable so you can get the bronze looking as subtle or defined as you desire – and the fact that there is a Hoola Light, need I say anymore. (For any of you that don’t know already, Benefit brought out a lighter version of their original Hoola bronzer ‘Hoola Light’ which is perfect if you have slightly fairer skin or prefer a more subtle bronzer).


SAVE; Blush

I’m not one to wear blusher in my every day make up, lets be honest I only ever wear it when I remember to put some on really. Although I don’t wear it all that often I would say that a drugstore blush does just the same as a higher end one does.

My favourite blush is;

At only £6 for 8 pink blush shades can you really say no? No you cannot and I would advise you to ‘invest’ in this palette because it is definitely worth it 100%. The shades also work really well as eyeshadows.


SPLURGE / SAVE: Eyeshadow

I always used to be one to stick to higher end eyeshadows purely for the fact that I had never come across a decent drugstore one that had a good pigmentation, a good staying power and didn’t get more on the floor than the actual brush. I then came across the brand Makeup Revolution and tried out one of their eyeshadow palettes and I was blown away as to how pigmented and good quality it was for only £8! I definitely regretted the £40+ I’d spent on high end ones when I found these, and yes, I do want them in every colour now! Don’t get me wrong I do love higher end eyeshadows but I do love the Makeup Revolution ones now too!

My favourite eyeshadows are;

At only £8 for a beautiful array of rose golds and browns you cannot go wrong – these shadows blend together amazingly and are so pigmented with a surprisingly little fall out for the price! I want to (and will) be getting them in every shade range.

  • Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Despite the controversy surrounding these palettes I absolutely love them and have found the ones that I have to be really pigmented! My all time favourite is the Naked Smoky – have you seen the ‘new’ Naked Heat?? Um yes please I’ll take one.


SAVE: Eyeliner

I don’t wear eyeliner very often so I’m not the most knowledgeable in this field but from my (limited) personal experience I would say that there is no need to go and spend ridiculous amounts on a crayon for your eyes…Well that is the case for pencil eyeliner.

Liquid liner is slightly different as you don’t want it to bleed when on your face or dry up really quick – sometimes drug store options can do this. But then again I’m not an expert so I wouldn’t know. I have found the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to be a good in-between that lasts a long time.


SPLURGE / SAVE: Lipstick

Lipstick is a tricky one as there are so many different finishes and shades and brands and choosing a decent one can be a tough deal! I have found that the lipstick depends on the person – I personally find some higher end lipsticks better than drugstore but then some drugstore ones can be better than the higher end ones so it all really does depend and there is no easy way of buying a lipstick to suit you.

One thing I would say when buying a lipstick is to know what lipstick finishes suit your lips the best. If you have particularly dry lips maybe a lipstick with a moisturising finish would be better than a matte one which can be drying!

My favourite lipsticks are;

These lipsticks have a couple of hours of wear and are really moisturising! And not to mention the shade range – how can you pick?

  • Ted Baker Lipsticks

I love a mix of drugstore and high end lipsticks and the Ted Baker lipsticks is a range that I love!! The colours are amazing and they do stay put for a long time, not to mention the pretty shades (with the cherry red being my all time fav).



SPLURGE: Highlighter

I have never gotten along with drugstore highlighters – for me they are too sparkly and ‘in your face’, I prefer a more natural looking one but that is just my personal opinion! I wish I got along with drugstore highlighters because in their packaging they can look so beautiful but they just don’t work for me!

My all time favourite highlighter is;

At £16.50 for a high end highlighter I don’t think its too unreasonable – they are my all time favourite and I cannot be without them (them being all the different shades). They give a subtle glow that can be built up depending to your personal preference. My favourite things about these highlighters is that a little really does go a long way.


12 thoughts on “Make Up – Splurge or Save?

  1. Really helpful post! I definitely agree that it’s worth spending more on foundation. I use Estée Lauder Double Wear. I like something high coverage for my acne prone skin! To save money, I try to make my makeup multi purpose, like using cream blusher as eye shadow x

    1. I have never tried that foundation but have always seen such good things about it – I may have to go and treat myself!
      I use my blush palette as an eyeshadow palette!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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