La Girl PRO.Prep Primer

Any make up enthusiast / wearer knows the struggle of trying to find the primer that works the best for your skin type and boy what a gruelling task this can be.

I have combination skin so finding a primer that reduces the excess oils that can appear at the end of the day but also not dry out my skin can be quite the task. After trying numerous of higher end and drugstore primers and never finding one that I was truly satisfied with I was at the end of the road and just accepting fate that my face and primer just don’t get along … this was until I came across La Girl when unnecessarily browsing BeautyBay.

La Girl is a make up brand I had not heard of previous to this encounter so at first I was sceptical about it. However I persevered and though I’d have a mooch around to see if they had any primers I could try, and luck behold they did.

The La Girl PRO.Prep HD High Definition smoothing Face Primer (honestly, they could have chosen a simpler and smaller name but I’m interested in the product not the name). This primer claims to nourish and condition the skin creating a smooth complexion. The primer also claims to remain lightweight and breathable – something that I have struggled to find with other primers that I have tried. After reading many a positive review and looking into what the primer claims to do I decided to order myself one, and at only £6 I wouldn’t be losing too much if it didn’t work for me.

So, lets not mess around with this – the primer is amazing! After hunting for so long and finally finding one that works for my skin and at such an affordable price is such a relief and helps so much when doing my make up. The primer claimed to be lightweight and breathable – something which it definitely is. After putting the primer on and it has settled / set etc (about 2 mins) I don’t even remember I have anything on my face as you can’t ‘feel’ its there if you know what I mean, and my skin definitely doesn’t feel all clogged up and gross like it can do with other primers.

Now for the real important stuff. With combination skin, getting the correct balance of a primer to not dry you out but to also reduce any oils is tough, real tough, but this primer seems to handle this like a walk in the park. I can wear the primer (with foundation etc on top) and it will still be there 8 hours later with a tiny bit of shine on my T zone but nowhere near as much as other primers used to let happen / through (I dunno how to word that hah).

All in all I am so happy with this primer and how it works for my skin – long gone are the days of patchy end of day make up thanks to this little gem and at only £6 can you really go wrong? Well no not in my case you cannot.

If you have combination skin I wouldn’t hesitate at recommending this foundation – its lightweight on the face and actually reduces oils and holds make up in place!

Although I absolutely love this primer I am always open to trying new products so if you also have combination skin and have found a primer that you think works really well, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!! Trying new make up products is so exciting (for me anyway) and I’d love to give others a go to see if they can top this one, is that possible??? I want to find out – and its an excuse to buy new make up so obviously I’m not going to turn it down!


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    1. I’d never heard of the brand either but will definitely be trying out other bits now!
      Ah thank you my lovely, I’ll definitely give that a read!
      Best wishes, Gee x

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